What Is 4th Generation Kpop

So today as we all know the 4th Generation of Kpop is upon us and I want to introduce all of these amazing groups in case some people havent heard of them or want to get to stan them. Some netizens have stated that the fourth generation of K-Pop idols have not yet been introduced.

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What is 4th generation kpop. The third generation of kpop followed the flower boy and cutesy with a hint of hip hop concept. Credit to owners. So without further a do lets get right into the blog.

K-Pop idol groups who are known to represent the 4th generation include. Yeonjun is known for rapping dancing singing and visuals as well as his great personality. The thin line often looked over is the consensus that The Boyz is actually considered the start of 4th Gen because despite technically debuting at the end of 2017 they actually didnt start their first promotional period till the start of 2018 making them eligible for all the same awards as G-idle Stray Kids ect thus why theyre largely considered 4th Gen as well.

I think well get a better sense of the 4th gen when we see the major groups of the third generation bts blackpink twice exo nct gfriend red velvet and mamamoo as examples go through the same ending pangs as the major groups of the 2nd generation did a couple years ago. 4th gen 2010-2013 – Infinite Miss A Girls Day Sistar Apink AOA EXO EXID BTS etc. First rookie groups who have some popularity will have their debut then maybe another comeback and then its time for America promotions English versions interviews North America tours and more.

The so called 4th gen supposedly started around 2018-2019. Looking back at veteran K-pop groups remind us of the simpler times be it in terms of musicality and choreography or just the K-Pop climate back then. 5th gen 2014-Present – RV Mamamoo GFriend iKon.

The groups of the 3 rd generation are still doing well however many people admit that the door into the 4 th generation of Kpop is now opening. 4th GEN IT BOY – what does it mean. Major lineup changes eg.

Kplanet_ytbBusiness inquiries only. Finally K-Pop today belongs to the 4 th generation. The 4th generation Kpop boy and girl groups have brought a new breath to the music industry even though their age and career are still very young.

This generation include SHINee 2NE1 Teen Top Beast Infinite 4 minute fx Miss A Sistar Girls Day 2pm and 2am. According to their opinion one main reason why there may not be a fourth generation in K-Pop is because there are currently no new idol groups who are making a milestone impression and most groups are pretty much on the same level of popularity and quality with each other. Choi Yeonjun Used to describe the most talented well rounded kpop idol of their generation.

In that amount of time there have only been 2 hits coming from these groups. Standing strong on the foundation. Some of the well-known groups from this generation are Shinhwa SES Sech Kies Turbo GOD Fly to the Sky and HOT.

While theyre not exactly 3 rd generation they cant be referred to as 4 th generation artists either. Although they are still young and have just debuted many groups of generation 4 have released great music proving their rapid growths in music considering both quality and achievements in MVs views. They are actually a bit noticeable also in the international market way faster than 3rd gen kpop groups.

Dalla Dalla and Next Level. Some of them have even made remarkable achievements in terms of album sales or digital music. Stray Kids The Boyz GI-DLE ITZY TOMORROW x TOGETHER and ATEEZ.

With that said heres some 4th gen groups that I consider. We are currently in the 4th generation of K-pop groups and the intricate concepts diverse music genres and complicated choreography t hese days are a far cry from 2nd gen K-Pop. Nickname created by Moas for Choi Yeonjun Bighits Legendary Trainee.

Id consider 4th gen kpop groups those who are shinning under the influence of Internet storm in kpop and well those who are within the bracket of the early 2000s generation. Rain Lee Hyori and BoA are well known solo idols. Pretty much 3 or so years.

Jessica and sulli leaving official. So 4th generation is more focused on dance then vocal.

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