How To Spot Fake Kpop Albums

Also if you can see originals it helps. At this point Ive completed a collection of Gfriend Wjsn and what I.

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Whether its by choice or horrible misfortune we all run the risk of becoming the victim of receiving a counterfeit Pop.

How to spot fake kpop albums. 04012017 In the example above you can see that the albums look almost identical except for the Komca sticker being present on the Korean press. What the CD or DVD case looks like. 26122015 The genuine signed albums pictures come from staff members PD Nims friends staffs Twitter Instagram etc who received the signed albums as gifts from albums received from mwave a broadcast company for mnet countdown and they have a strict policy about the idols having to sign the albums and the idols themselves appear on the meetgreet presenting their signed albums.

And I really dont see their newer music at the same level of songs like Fake Love or Run. Feel free to comment down below. How can you tell a Real Album from a fake one.

4 Pieces of love Twice one of the best lyrics. The best way to be sure what press you are getting is to look at the fine print on the back of the album. The best part is that you have a chance to get the old kpop albums here as well.

Gmarket is mainly focused on providing the best quality of kpop music albums to the fans. 16082015 There is no way to tell that it is a mwave album. Actually fourth example is the same as 1st I didnt see that and will try to edit that soon.

Kpop hairstyles Can you guess whether these idols hairstyles are real or fake. If the CD or DVD is in a standard disc jewel box like the one pictured to the right its usually fake. Some even purposely test their luck purchasing ridiculously low priced vaulted or exclusive items to finish a collection.

Both albums are official and legit. When Chi Mat Ba Ram was released everyone expected it to blow up like rollin and have long longevity at the top of the charts but it kinda didnt performed that well as expected. Album that many chinese sellers try to sell.

Lost and dahlia is favorite song from album. This song is same vibe as lost I think. 02082020 Actual examples of pirated software seized by Microsoft can also be seen on their Microsoft how to tell page.

First it depends on where youre getting the photocards from. 2 Can you guess whether these idols hairstyles are real or fake. Usually people who sell mwave albums will state it in their description or if the seller doesnt state where he got his album do ask them.

19122018 The Vinyl Geek shows you how to spot a Beatles butcher cover and some money saving alternatives to the real thingLEARN HOW THE BUTCHER PHOTO CAME TO BE. However there are still some ways to spot whether it is fake. 23122015 Not everyone is fake but youd need to work on spotting whether its fake or not what they sell even if they have an amazing feedback always look out.

This is a typical fake fansign. In some situations when buying a disc second hand the seller can claim they lost the original. One of best from their other album.

Those are regular albums with the C1 golden color sticker. Its actually sad because for a while I thought they were one of the only Kpop groups to REALLY care about the whole album process. 27072021 Their love yourself years were the best in my opinion.

1 Whats your score. Everyone has heard the horror story of an unfortunate trade or transaction resulting in a someone receiving a fake Funko Pop. If they are from official merchandisealbums you can tell by the texture whether or not it is pixelated how bright the colour is.

Kpop hairstyles Updated Quiz. 3 Dahlia Gidle written by I think by Minnie. Also even though they had great album sales in summer queens with like 70k sales their repackage album right now had a big decline in sales.

Rush and other rock albums whereas I am buying Kpop girl group albums in an age where everything is digital. Thanks Gmarket ily Global Gmarket. With a signature on one of each pages which is impossible before they cannot just sign the pages and not sign To.

Honest review on cheap Kpop Photocards. Twice emotional songs hit hard. Basically they tend to resell albums that come from the places written above.

20102019 The signatures are way too small too far away from the borders the pen pressure is the same for all of the signatures which really shows that it was signed by only one person. Just great melody and sad vibes. Red Velvet Blackpink Izone Got7LINKSKeep in mind that prices and listing can change-Red Velvet The Red Summe.

Basically what I can remember where you can buy signed Kpop albums. It is now 23 in melon. Please read my other articles about that.

4It looks like a little girl who had a dying pen trying to mimic all of the signatures. Still you can also find a large variety of typical kpop official goods such as clothing plushies stationery items posters and accessories etc. Most fake albums have like one of two things that make it look fake but they are always on the inside.

Just great meaningful lyrics. This will tell you where it was printed. Not one song on any of the love yourself albums is a filler song.

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